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7 Things You Need For A Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower should not be a stressful affair. And generally, it usually isn't. One of the few things that tends to make the occasion unnecessarily difficult is lack of proper planning.

Once you identify the important needs ahead of time, you're pretty much guaranteed a smooth, stress-free baby shower. Below are all things you'll need to ensure your baby shower goes as beautifully as it should.

1. Food, Beverages, and A Customized Birthday cake

First thing on the list is food and beverages because they're inevitable. At some point in time people will get hungry and will need to be fed. Plus what's a shower without food and beverages, anyway?

And the next thing after these is a customized birthday cake because why not? You are celebrating a wonderful occasion, anyway. Having a customized birthday cake gives the occasion the celebratory mood it deserves. Plus cakes are just great and everyone loves them.

2. Tableware

These include plates, cutlery, glasses, serving pieces etc. Like food and beverages, these are also inevitable. But, unlike food and beverages, they tend to be overlooked and only remembered at the last minute.

You obviously don't want to make this mistake, so it's always a great idea to ensure all these are available way before the shower.

3. Decorations

It's not a baby shower without having proper decorations. It could as well be just any other party or a mere get-together of old friends who just want to drink and while away the time.

Decorations are what really adds the necessary touch of excitement to the occasion. Among some the the decoration pieces to get are balloons, customized balloons, paper lanterns, wreaths, showering umbrellas, floral balloons and so on.

4. Games and Activities

Games and activities can vary depending on mood and interest. Generally, though, you should prepare five or six options, even though you might end up playing no more than three or four of them, depending on how time and the occasion goes.

Among the most popular game options are: telling embarrassing baby stories; forbidden word game, where you set a word that no one is allowed to say (such as "baby" or any other related word); blindfold diaper change with baby dolls; name that tune, and so on.

5. Party Favours and Thank You Notes

Don't forget to get your party favors and thank you notes for guests who show up. Party favors aren't really a must, per se, but they are something that have become almost a given.

Your guests most likely expect them to be present, and it is never a good idea to disappoint your guest at a baby shower, or any other occasion for that matter. It is simply a way to show appreciation and express gratitude for their presence.

6. Photography and Videography

Your baby shower is definitely one of the moments you and your children will love to remember in the future. And it is always a good idea to make preparations for some sort of photography and/or videography.

You don't have to go with anything too sophisticated. You could simply assign someone the task of taking a few photos or videos of the fun moments on your smartphone, or DSLR if you have one.

7. Baby Shower Props

Baby shower props are not to be confused with baby shower decorations, although some props can also serve as a form of decoration.

Some of the more popular baby shower props are baby shower photo booths, "coming soon" keychain, and bric-a-bracs with baby puns such as "hello world" on them.











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