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5 Birthday Gifts To Surprise Your Special Someone

It's so hard to find a special gift nowadays. It's like everyone's seen everything and even though you end up getting something new and in vogue, it doesn't take too long until it becomes vapid and never really sparks any deep, emotional satisfaction.

Here are five thrilling birthday gift ideas that are sure to resonate with your special partners while providing a satisfying end to your element of surprise.

1. Paper photographs and Balloons

This is a simple but highly affectionate way to show that you care about your partner and, at the same time, highlight the special moment you've shared together.

It is also quite easy to pull off.

All you have to do is visit their social page and make a print version of some of the best images and special moments. Find as much as you'll need to really light up a room, tie each paper photograph to a balloon and litter the room with them before they walk in

2. Customized Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes are a form of "cheat code gift" for any birthday occasion. Why? Because they just don't fail you. They're one of the very few gestures that will never go out of style and will never not be appreciated.

By going with a customized birthday cake, you add a much-needed dose of uniqueness to the gesture. And there's no way such a gift will not be remembered.

3. Photo Clock

A photo clock is a beautiful gift, not just because of how much the clock costs, but mainly thanks to the symbolism. It is a significant gesture that illustrates the willingness to share the passing of every moment with a special someone. There are very few gift symbols better than this.

4. Scavenger Hunt Gift

Scavenger hunt gifts are the perfect gifts. Just like birthday cakes, you can't ever go wrong with scavenger hunt gifts. The reason for this is simple. You're practically combining two gifts in one.

First gift is the thrill of the scavenger hunt itself, which, when planned well, is as intriguing as any gift can be. And then there's the thrill of the pleasant satisfaction they get after the gift is found, and the final admiration of the gift itself.

The only caveat to scavenger hunt is to ensure that your partner appreciates this kind of surprise beforehand. Once this is guaranteed, the sky's the limit.

5. Your Special Place or Thing

The essence of a gift is not necessarily the monetary cost of that gift, but the significance it has, and the emotions it elicit in both the receiver and the giver.

Very few things can be as satisfying as recognizing a special place, or special thing, that you share with your partner but haven't experienced in a while, and then planning a surprise reunion with whatever this is.

It is sometimes hard to think of anything that fulfills this condition, but once you do, there really is no better gift -- except maybe cakes. If cakes are not available, you can always consider our amazingly delicious jar cakes too!











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