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How to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday in Singapore?

Your 21st birthday is one of the most significant milestones you'll ever celebrate. It is a unique number that requires a unique celebration. Everything has to be perfect. The pressure to have a great time is off the charts. The expectations are deafening.

Here's how to celebrate your 21st birthday in Singapore to ensure you get an experience worthy of the occasion.

21st Birthday Ideas

One of the major reasons it gets so difficult to throw a great 21st birthday party, apart from the weight of the occasion, is the abundance of options regarding just how to celebrate, especially in Singapore. Below is a narrowed-down list of the very best options to consider:

1. Night Out With Friends - Best way to take the pressure off? Relax and don't overthink it. Celebrating your 21st birthday in Singapore by planning a simple but eventful night-out with friends ensures you get all the fun, but little of the pressure.

3. Function Room or Home Parties - Of course not everyone wants to avoid the pressure of hosting friends and family. For those who don't mind and want to be celebrated, booking a function room or hosting a party at home is a good idea to consider.

4. Book a Chalet - By booking a chalet, you take a step up from function rooms and instead create a homely feeling without actually making use of your own home.

5. Restaurants or Cafes - And then of course there's the ever popular idea of making use of a restaurant or café.

Things You Need

1. Budget - No celebration is complete without a budget. Even more so when the celebration is a 21st birthday in Singapore. So first thing you need for an epic occasion? A significant budget that sets the tone and helps make other decisions easier.

2. Customized Birthday Cake - It's your 21st birthday, just any cake wouldn't do. If there's an aspect you deserve to go all out on, it's the birthday cake. It's not even about the cake itself, it's about what it symbolizes. So go ahead and get yourself a customized birthday cake and then everything else can come after.

3. Decorations - Three out of the four of our list of 21st birthday options require decorations. The only scenario where you wouldn't have to make use of decorations is if you choose to have a night out with friends. Any other option, and decorations are a must.

4. Food - Definitely the most inevitable thing you'll need, no matter the location, no matter the celebration, is food. It is quite literally not a party without food. If you have a sweet tooth, here's a list of delicious jar cakes that will be a perfect addition to a 21st party!

5. Others - The above are the basic needs that are a must for your birthday celebration. Other things you may need to take the occasion to a whole new level are party favors (of your choosing), invitation cards or e-vites, and party hats and props, if you please.

Unique Places in Singapore

Here are the three best unique places to have a swell 21st birthday celebration in Singapore:

1. Hungry Heroes

Located near Little India, Hungry Heroes gives you the opportunity to celebrate your 21st birthday among real heroes. It's also super cool because whether you happen to be a DC fan or a Marvel enthusiast, you're sure to find your favorites here.

2. On the Table

Easy access, a large, serene space which is, at the same time, cozy and intimate with wonderful ambiance, and an amazing menu that includes the infamous crisp honey wings -- these are just some of the perks you get to enjoy hosting a 21st birthday at "On the Table".

3. The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit is a grand venue with a charming interior that used to be a chapel! I think you'll definitely agree that there are very few things cooler than celebrating your 21st birthday in a restored chapel. They also offer an Alice in Wonderland themed party where you literally enter the rabbit hole!











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